We are a registered Scottish charity in Inverness committed to supporting students in Africa who are eager to learn and make a better life for themselves but are held back by lack of resources in the form of learning tools.

Currently working in collaboration with the catholic education authority in Cameroon, LTSD's goal is to make available learning tools to the rural areas of Kumbo and Bamenda.

LTSD's vision is to foster schools where students are eager to obtain knowledge in their own environment. The learning tools provided by LTSD enhances the education of students encouraging and supporting them to become self-sufficient in their home environment, thus giving them an equal and comparative edge for a brighter future.

EDUCATION a sure course to a gifted, accountable adulthood;

A foundation of hope for rural families and communities;

And a path to an assured future full of unlimited possibilities;

Yet taken for granted by some and restricted in rural Cameroon.

Books, computers, teaching and study aids, learning tools;

Second hand to the advantaged but precious to kids in rural schools;

Their education and personal development is enhanced by these;

Talents nurtured and equal opportunities offered to all kids.

LTSD shipped 3 Pcs and 3 boxes of books to St. Rita's Technical High School, Nkambe and St. Pius X's Teacher Training College, Tatum.

St. Pius X Teacher Training College, Tatum as it's name implies, is a training school for primary and secondary teachers. It is important that the future teachers are also up-to-date with technology especially computing otherwise, how will they effectively teach the pupils assigned to them.

LTSD recently supplied 10 imacs to St. Benedict's Comprehensive College, Wididum, Cameoon. Imacs were donated by Fortrose Academy, Scotland, UK.

Update St Benedict Donations

St. Rita's is a college for pupils who have chosen a future career path in Business Support, Administration, Secretarial duties etc.

Students of St. Rita's Nkambe

Books donated by Blysthwood, Inverness. UK

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